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Photo: REHACARE header with the logo of the trade fair and the new date
  More accessibility with rollators  
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Old and dusty – modern rollators have long since left this image behind. Instead, they are just as versatile as their users and tailored to every situation in life. The experience with a rollator is perfect when every destination is accessible. The company Myd'l shows how they ensure that barriers will continue to be reduced in the future with customized ramps.

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Graphic: 6 to 9 October 2021, REHACARE International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation and Care, Düsseldorf, Germany
»   Rollators: lightweight mobility aids with style
»   Tactile books adapted for blind children
»   Myd'l: Diverse, innovative and individual – ramps for all occasions
»   Online competition for para-dancers
»   Lily Rice – That's how she rolls
Rollators: lightweight mobility aids with style
All about REHACARE
Photo: Elderly man with his rolling walker outdoors; Copyright: TOPRO GmbH
They used to have an image problem. But now, rollators or walkers, are anything but boring or stuffy. For many, they are treasured state-of-the-art companions for everyday life and a way to express their personality.
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Tactile books adapted for blind children
Women & Kids
Image: a trampoline build of paper which a person can feel; Copyright: UNIGE
Blind children do not apprehend the world in the same way as their sighted counterparts. A research team from UNIGE and Université Lumière Lyon 2 have developed tactile books that are tailored specifically to their needs.
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Myd'l: Diverse, innovative and individual – ramps for all occasions
We asked ...
Photo: Close-up of a wheelchair user in front of a Myd'l ramp; Copyright: Myd'l
Shopping – especially in city centers – can quickly turn from pleasure to frustration. Namely, when stores are only accessible via one or more steps. The French company Myd'l has a solution ready for every barrier in terms of accessibility – whether private or business. Successfully active in international business for 22 years, the manufacturer now also offers its products in Germany.
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Online competition for para-dancers
Recreation & Culture
Image: a person is performing a handstand on a yellow wheelchair; Copyright: Eva Pavía / #BizziTeam
Para dancers from all over the world will have the opportunity to compete virtually this year when World Para Dance Sport launches the first Freestyle and Showdance Online Competition.
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Lily Rice – That's how she rolls
How we roll
Photo: a young woman – Lily Rice – is wearing a helmet and doing a stunt in a pink wheelchair; Copyright: Steven Clarey
Lily Rice can usually be found at the skatepark, refining her WCMX techniques in her pink wheelchair. The training is paying off: Lily entered the scene in 2017, two years later she was Women's World Champion. It was only logical that her biggest challenge to date was in the halfpipe – what it was, who motivates her and how she otherwise rolls, she tells us on REHACARE.com.
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